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Over centuries, the consumption of tobacco in any form has challenged the humanity in terms of poor health, which at times becomes one of the primary reasons of death. At first, it should be realized as how tobacco has emerged one of the major products to be consumed frequently through different means and mediums and has set forth certain major challenges to humanity over the years. Some category of people prefers to chew it in the raw form whereas other categories like to consume it in a more organized fashion that is smoking through conventional cigarettes.

Jac Vapour Products:

Starters Kit: At first, they encourage their users to start from the customized starters’ kit that familiarize them with the product dynamics and create an association over time.

This kit has a very fancy design to provide customers with elegance and a unique feeling that comes with the ownership of this special case. This company is not only limited to provide a healthy smoking kit but a product that adds value to your style statement.

Tanks: Tanks are more refined product that provides a more clean taste and is battery generated. Our approach is to bring more and more consumers into the safety bracket of e-cigarette by raising awareness over a shorter time span.

Advanced Users Kit: Jac Vapour has always invited its customers to try their variety of product range that best fits their taste and style preferences. Once customers get familiarized with the basic starters’ kit, they are always welcome to try our advanced users’ kit that offers various accessories in the form of batteries, mods and other twirl building supplies that enhance your flavor and eventually pleasure. This kit will add value to your style statement by making you appear more appealing and trendy in your social setup.

As time goes by I have become an ardent fan of this brand and I would like to share my experience to help consumers to make a better choice by investing their money in the right place.

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Since centuries, tobacco has been consumed in different fashion whether it being a conventional method or a modern method to acquire pleasure by enhancing its flavor that eventually provides more pleasure to its consumer. However, a brief explanation of some of the primary uses of tobacco is mentioned hereunder:

* Hookah: Hookah has been considered as the most conventional method of consumption, as it heats tobacco mixed with some flavors of fruits and vegetables which filters the smoke through air

* Chew: Some people prefer to chew raw tobacco after mixing it with some other ingredients to enhance its flavor. This practice is fairly common in countries like India, Sri Lanka and other South Asian regions.

* Cigarette: Cigarette is one of the most preferred forms of consumption in which tobacco is wrapped in a soft paper combined with other additives. Many cigarettes generally have a filter on one end.



In line with aforementioned means of consumption, it should be realized that all these methods pose some serious challenges to human health in various forms. A brief explanation of these risks and challenges are explained hereunder:

* According to a research, in general, one-hour regular session of Hookah exposes its user to the volume of smoke emitted by a conventional cigarette that is 100 or 200 times greater as a whole. Even after filtration of smoke through water, it comprises of high volume of toxic chemical compounds such as Carbon Monoxide, intense metals and other cancer-causing elements. With its emerging popularity, people have adopted the usage of Hookah in their lifestyle and have greatly overlooked the health risk and challenges emerging from its consumption.

* Several studies suggest that chewing tobacco in raw form is highly discouraged by doctors as it exposes its users to the health risks up to manifold. Its increases consumption has increase the reported cases of mouth cancers in which people have complained to have jaw-locks making it difficult to open their mouth and consume their regular meals.

* Studies suggest that nearly 4000 chemicals have been found in a cigarette tobacco, among which 60 are directly link to cause cancer. Research suggests that a regular consumption of cigarette results in cancer of bladders, lungs, pancreas, esophagus, kidney and cervix.


After analyzing the ever increasing health risks and challenges posed by conventional methods of consumptions, I realized that I should give some serious thoughts of conventional method of smoking that makes my body highly susceptible to health risks. Over time, I realized the need of a mechanism that is modern and curbs the health related risks resulting from traditional cigarettes. And therefore, some companies introduced the idea of E-cigarettes. E-Cigarettes were primarily introduced to reduce health risks and challenges that people merely tend to overlook while consuming elements such as cigarettes and alcohol.

It is designed as a battery-powered device that has a filling of nicotine, chemicals and some flavoring. It is not defined as ‘tobacco product’ but a mechanism that delivers nicotine to human beings’ body. It converts nicotine and chemicals into vapors, which are then inhaled by the inhaler/consumer. This cigarette produces no smoke and doesn’t involve burning of any tobacco.However, it is quite evident that several measures taken by government and other health regulatory bodies to curb its control by highlighting its side effects and unfavorable outcomes, but have been unsuccessful to curb its consumption over time.

After reading a lot of positive reviews and feedbacks, I once came across the leading brand Jac Vapour in the market with a wide and a satisfied customer base.


Based in Edinburg it is a British Electronic cigarette organization, established in 2010 with a vision to serve the UK’s market for e-cigarette. Over the years, its emerging popularity served as the launch pad of its global presence having its primary existence on online stores making them accessible for all its target consumers. Company has not only focused on the product development to increase its sales and revenue but to curb health issues and challenges largely overlooked by people of modern times.


It offers four different volumes of Nicotine and one with no nicotine at all

  1. 24mg – usually for heavy smokers that are reluctant to switch their traditional mediums of smoking
  2. 18mg – people with regular smoking habits
  3. 12mg- this is generally for light smokers
  4. 6mg – for smokers who would like to have just a slight content of nicotine
  5. 0mg – for smokers who want to smoke nicotine free and get some other kind of pleasure.


Jac Vapour has always focused on a limited product line that primarily includes high quality e-cigarette and e-liquids and the company has remained consistent throughout to maintain its quality standards for its customers by keeping in view their health benefits and concerns. It has also launched a comprehensive customer services program where its customers are always welcome to share their reviews, feedbacks and concerns. They believe to have a satisfied customer base as it serves a ground for growth and excellence.




One of the most attractive features of this brand is its economical and wide appeal among the masses in terms of a very friendly customer pricing model. Their product prices show that they care for their customers and offer a price that is within the range of their buyers. Their aim is to provide their product to a larger customer base so that more and more people get advantage from its health-friendly characteristic. They have focused more on societal wealth and welfare rather than their profitability and revenues.

Let’s take a more detailed and contemporary look at this characteristic of Jac Vapour. Studies suggest that in UK, an average consumer spend £3000 annually on cigarettes and these figures may have skyrocketed so far by analyzing the local trends of consumption.

Then the alternate ‘vaping’ presented some phenomenal cost savings for its users. Some primary costs after acquiring a starter kit is the acquisition of coils, e-liquids and batteries to keep your product functional. The offered price enables its customers to spend an average of £21 monthly and even the chain smokers will feel a substantial amount of savings in their pockets after switching to this modern mechanism.


One of the primary benefits you will observe after switching to Jac Vapour is its odorless technological benefit. The regular smokers quickly get accustomed to heavy volume of smoke that stuck into their clothes, hair and furniture. This odor of smoke continues to exist for countless hours if remain in an unventilated space creating an atmosphere of suffocation and displeasure.

In contrast, e-cigarettes only emit vapours, which dispel into air more quickly without any hassle of ventilating your room. Hence, that small and minimalistic odor goes away within a time span of seconds that eventually eases up the atmosphere. However, there can be some e-cigarettes which emit more strong and intense odor but Jac Vapour is well aware of this nuisance and has put a curb on its level of emission to make it more and more user friendly. Since, vapour also doesn’t contain any tar, which is commonly found in cigarettes, it provides you an added advantage of no post-cigarette stained walls and ceilings from smoke.

Once, I picked up the habit of e-cigarette, I started to feel uncomfortable with the regular presence of smoke from cigarettes that is easily recognizable from regular smokers. And this benefit is not only restricted to smell as the day passes, I feel that my taste buds have started to become normal and have resumed their original ability to taste better.


One of my biggest concern while visiting their website was their level of customer service as the only means to communicate with them is to write an email. They provided their response within an hour, which I feel far better than other average waiting times. Their working hours are regular normal hours starting from 9:00am to 5:30pm except Sundays on which they are closed. In general, I found the customer service section of the company very helpful and positive, which I guess adds some value to my argument.


As a regular smoker and more comfortable into traditional mechanism of smoking, you would have been exposed to this question many a times, as why I should go for Jac Vapour when I am available with other brands in the market, then I feel that I have the ability to help such people to make a better choice with their money.

* One basic reason you should go for Jac Vapour is that they offer numerous things under one brand only, which provides you with a choice to select different stuff for your kit. For instance you can get cartridge flavor of your own choice for your starter kit, your favorite color of PCC along with the size and color of the battery as well. I found so many varieties under one brand only and that is Jac Vapour.

* Second, their online presence appeals me to a greater extent as it is comprehensive and more users friendly in nature. I would personally go for cases that resemble real cigarette packs to feel more familiar, but Jac Vapour doesn’t prefer to adopt this and to my surprise their designs have really meant to appeal me. Its metallic sculpture, which is heavier than regular PCCs, but it really feels good to have this unique pack in your pocket and make me feel special.

* Jac Vapour presents a series of starters kits that range from a cheap £18.99 ‘Social Kit’ to a more expensive one adding more and more style to your personality with its increased pricing. I would love to take a starter kit that has more to offer such a rechargeable battery, USB charger and five different mixed cartridges. I won’t prefer to have a simple kit with no accessories as I select a fancier one that appeals more to me and I guess Jac Vapour is the best choice I could make.

* One more benefit is customization that I feel Jac Vapour has added to its business strategy in a priority to-do-list, since I feel they understand the desire of individuality in human beings. As I said, you can choose pretty much everything under a single roof of brand that also includes the color of your mouthpiece. So if you are searching for options within your approach this is the right choice you could make. I also have an option to refill my cartridges by using E-Liquid that further adds value to the product dimension, but I prefer to fill my cartridges by myself as I end up saving more money by end of the day.


Over here I should provide you with a more honest and sincere opinion as when I received my packet for the first time, I was very worried and curious simultaneously as I found design was not very appealing and very plain too. But before I started to feel disappointed I decided to pick an optimistic approach and to closely scrutinize the packet. The box was a rectangular 2-piece cardboard over which company’s logo was imprinted in black and red colors. But once I open up the case I immediately found the portable charging case which was metallic and amazing and I was impressed within a second. Then I slide the portable charger to the left I found out the automatic battery and the remaining case is the battery itself. Additionally, 5 cartomisers were neatly wrapped in the original packet. To me, the packet seems very plain and unappealing but once you open it you will be soon captivated by its design and appeal.

Once the packaging phase is over, then comes the usage phase for which I was confident after looking at its impressive and elegant design. Hence, all these designs motivated me too to create an association which I have never felt before with any other brand. Since then, I started to motivate my friends to quit smoking cigarettes and adopt this modern mechanism which far less risky when it comes to their health, and I feel Jac Vapour is the best choice.


“E-Cigarettes are, ‘exactly what the tobacco companies have been afraid of all these years’ – a tobacco-free cigarette alternative.”


As I mentioned it earlier that my I have started to motivate my friends to move this modern system of consumption and among several brands in the market Jac Vapour is so far the most trustworthy and outstanding brand I came across. I managed to convince few of my friends to try this product and sooner or later they did not regret their choices. Their opinions are summarized below:

* I was immediately surprised by its unique and subtle packaging which is mostly overlooked by majority of brands available in the market. The starters’ kit was a mere surprise as I was provided with a choice of different accessories to buy that compliments my original product.

* I was amazed to see the different levels of nicotine that is offered by the company to target a large customer base in a very organized manner. Being a light smoker I was always concerned about my volume intake of nicotine and hence I finally decided to take a zero nicotine product that is exclusively offered by Jac Vapour. Right now, I am very pleased with my habits and feel content from inside as I no longer feel worried by higher nicotine intake and toxic cancer-causing chemicals that are largely found in cigarettes.

* Once I started using starters kit I felt that people in my social setup has started to feel impressed from its unique and elegant packaging and have started to inquire about the product. I believe their product packaging and designing has gone a long way to meet

Their customers’ tastes and preferences by delivering value to them. Now I have managed to convince almost all my friends to switch to a more healthy choice.

Quotes & Reviews:

“Safe doesn’t exist. But electronic cigarettes are low risk compared to regular cigarettes. It’s the equivalent of having a four-wheel-drive Volvo compared to a high-powered motorcycle with bald tires in an ice storm. Someone in my lab just showed me a bright pink one. And they’re selling them with flavors like chocolate and bubble gum…These things have nicotine, and you can tell who they’re trying to hook.”
Cohn Siegel,

“If we get all tobacco smokers to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, we would eventually reduce the US death toll from more than 400,000 a year to less than 4,000, maybe as low as 400. There’s no doubt it [The Electronic Cigarette] can save many lives and hundreds of millions of pounds.”
David Halen,


Jac Vapour has offered a variety of return policies and warranties. Their first policy is money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product and return within 14 days. This policy goes for their all product lines including cartomisers and e-liquids. The buyer has to give a notice to the company to avail money back guarantee facility beforehand. All its batteries and charging devices have a warranty of 42 days whereas the PCC has a warranty of 4 months.

Besides these granted warranties, the company doesn’t accommodate the distortion or misuse of product by the customers. However, this warranty is not covered for the products delivered outside UK which I feel less fortunate for people residing outside UK.

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To conclude, my overall experience with Jac Vapour has been very impressive and positive – the supplied PCC is what always I was looking for and I loved to own it, it was very strong and it is still functioning properly despite of using and owning and for a very long time.

The concept of different flavors is out of this world as I always prefer to change my preference and choice after a couple of months and Jac Vapour nails it in this regard. This level of customization is only catered by fewer brands in the market and Jac Vapour has managed to outperform all of them over the years.

The offered price of starters kit is I feel is decent and economical while comparing to other kits, however, the price may go up as you keep on adding more and more accessories to your product. Overall, I would recommend Jac Vapour to all those people who are looking for a healthy and limited consumption of nicotine in the form of stylish and fancy e-cigarettes that eventually adds value to their style statement.


Electronic Cigarettes are undoubtedly safer than tobacco cigarettes.

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