JAC Vapour Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is Jac Vapor?

It is a very popular and renowned British electronic cigarettes company located in Edinburgh. The company is famous for its top of the notch electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. The reliability and quality of the products has never been and never will be questionable. They sell a variety of reliable electronic cigarettes. Some of the different products sold by them are starters or beginners electronic cigarettes, Electronic liquids and Electronic cigarettes batteries.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of using E-cigarette are listed below:

  1. The first and important benefit is that electronic cigarettes don’t really have a similar odor as that of a normal one.
  2. E- Cigarettes are way cheaper than a normal cigarette and are very easy on the pockets.
  3. They are very safe and do not really possess a fire threat or any distinctive threat to the health of a person.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

The electronic cigarette is a very simple mechanism which is made up of two important parts.

  • The first part is the battery which is activated when you click a button or make a puff.
  • The second part is the cartridge which is filled with electronic liquid and provides the smoke. When you puff on a cartridge the battery is activated, which helps the cartridge to vaporize the liquid to help you in smoking it. The simple process is very easy to follow for beginners.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Electronic cigarettes do contain Nicotine to make it feel like an original cigarette and to generate a throat hit. Nicotine can increase the blood pressure or heart rate but it is not really harmful on its own self. Like other cigarettes, E cigarettes do not contain any known carcinogens which make them a lot safer. Furthermore they are made out of 3 important ingredients, none of which are believed to have carcinogens. Their safety would be further insured once the product finds a footing in the market, since it is relatively new now.

Are Electronics Cigarettes regulated?

All electronic cigarettes are regulated and are sold as consumer good throughout the European Union. All sellers of Electronic Cigarettes should have an ROHS with them which gives them the permit to sell them. An Electronic Cigarette is given the same regulation and permit procedure like every other electronic device in the European Union like smart phones and Mp3 players.

Do Electronic Cigarettes work?

A very brief and specific answer to this important question is yes they do! Electronic Cigarettes to a great extent can reproduce the feeling one has while smoking or puffing on a real cigarette. The sensation is notable and is very similar to that of a real cigarette. Unlike the cheap models sold at some of the road side kiosks, the electronic cigarettes off late have a genuine cigarette like feeling and generate a similar throat hit. This is because of the advancement in technology.

What are the side effects?

The side effects of an electronic cigarette are way less as compared to the original form of cigarette. But a few cases of rashness on the skin and tightness on the chest have been reported. This has less to do with the product itself and more to do with the E liquid that one uses. Whenever you start feeling such a reaction, it is best if you shift towards a VG electronic liquid which is available online from many suppliers.

What is the smoke that is released?

Unlike your everyday cigarette the smoke from an electronic cigarette is not exactly the harmful smoke of tar and nicotine. Electronic cigarettes release vapors, a vapor which is made up from a mix of PG and VG from within the nicotine. This can also be called the delivery method. Regardless of the content the feeling that one gets from puffing on an electronic cigarette is very much similar to the sensation of an original one.

Does the electronic cigarette vapor smell?

The vapor of an electronic cigarette as mentioned earlier is made up of different flavors. The flavors can vary according to your will. The vapor obviously does smell of whatever flavor you are smoking but the smoke is not going to follow you around. The smoke will be imminent for a small while before it vanishes. Similarly it doesn’t leave a lot of traces on walls, teeth or your tongue. Some of the very strong flavors like coffee do tend to leave a bit of smell but the smell passes away with time.

Will my battery last forever?

The batteries for electronic cigarettes are not going to last forever. The batteries like those of every other electronic device have a finite time period. The time period can be shortened or enlarged according to the treatment that the battery gets. If the battery is well taken care of and receives daily or weekly cleaning than a normal V3i battery can last up to four months. Eventually the cost of the batter is way less than the average cost of a tobacco cigarette for 3-4 months.

How long does the battery last between charges?

The battery time of the battery for an electronic cigarette depends on a lot of different factors. This is because of the different varieties available in the battery sizes. A 150 mAh battery lasts up to two hours in extensive use and the highest battery, the 1500 mAh one lasts up to a whole day. Furthermore the smoking patterns of a person also give an indication of the battery usage. An occasional smoker’s battery would last way longer than the battery of a chain smoker.

Will it help me quit my smoking habits?

Those who have tried Electronic cigarettes have proclaimed that they have quitted their traditional smoking habits completely. But one thing that is pertinent to mention is that Electronic Cigarettes are a healthier replacement to the normal cigarette and are not just a quitting product.

Which E-cigarette should I go for?

This depends a lot upon the consumer preferences. The v3i which is also called a “cig a like” almost perfectly imitates the feeling of an original cigarette. But the V3i gives way less battery time than another powerful VGO2 or JAC510. Overall the range of products is quite large and a lot of variety is available as per consumer preferences and choices.

Are E-cigarette carts and tanks similar?

An electronic cigarette either has a cart or a tank. The cart is fitted in the place where a filter would be in the normal cigarette and is very different from a tank in size. Tanks and carts hold the electronic liquid and the wick needed for the proper functioning of an electronic cigarette. The benefit of the cart is that it is portable and resembles a normal cigarette, whereas the tank is not easily portable and does look ugly and times. On the other hand the benefit of a tank is that it gives way more smoking time than a normal cart.

What is E-liquid?

In simple terms, Electronic liquid is basically the fuel for your electronic cigarette. It is the E- liquid which provides the nicotine and flavoring to the electronic cigarette. It also creates the vapor which the smoker exhales.